Family Testimonials

Fraser Family

“Lynn’s Care Home at Saybrooke was the place that my Mom knew as home and my family referred to as “grandma’s house”. The Administrator and caring staff have created a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere where we spent birthdays, holidays, Sunday afternoon visits and drop-ins, even overnight stays when the need arose. Mom was loved there. They took it as their responsibility to get to know her, her idiosyncrasies, her favorite foods and past times and she was loved. It is sweet solace to know that away from us, she was with other loved ones.”

Henry Family

“Lynn’s Care Homes has been an answer to prayer! When Mom became unable to care for herself, the family tried rotating her between our four homes. We loved looking after Mom but it became increasingly confusing for her. We knew that Mom needed stability, and were fortunate to find Lynn’s Care Homes. This is truly a great home for her and provides the warm, stable environment that she needs. The staff is wonderful and there is very little turnover. In the last 18 months, Mom has had the same staff looking after her. They are truly dedicated to the residents and I feel they treat them just as they would their own families. Thank you for the wonderful care you give to our Mom!”

Butler Family

“Thank You so much for the outstanding job you have done for us. Anytime, day or night we dropped by for a visit, she looked so great and was so well cared for and the facility was always so clean, warm and loving. I know there is a special place in heaven for you and your staff and I will never forget the outstanding care my mother was given and just can’t thank you enough.”

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